$SOL Launchpad

We will build a big Launchpad sales and marketing team. The goal is to start doing hundreds of launches per month ASAP.
We will become the reference on mint security and support for the best user experience possible.

$NQUACK Launch

No ICOs, just daily airdrops and utility. People will be able to mint NFTs on our Launchpad or transform their usual ducks into super ducks for 100x more Launchpad profits.
Also Staking for Launchpad NFTs whitelist and extra $NQUACK?

Super Ducks

$NQUACK will let you transform your normal duck into a legendary and legendaries into Super Ducks.
Super Ducks get 100x profit sharing, while Legendaries 10x.

$ETH Launchpad

After overtaking $SOL Launches, we will start working on other blockchains with much more cash flow like Ethereum so we can step into new levels on $SOL NFTs